What is the Because of Joy Scholarship?

The because of joy scholarship is a continued education scholarship for those affected by Spina Bifida.  Wanting to make sure that all children realize their  academic dreams,because of joy has dedicated it’s resources to making finances not the obstacle in realizing higher education. We award 2 scholarships each spring.  One to a student diagnosed with Spina Bifida and a second to a student with a sibling diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

Download the Scholarship Application

Checklist Required

  • Essay (min 1 page typed) – What does YOLO mean to you?
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (non family members)
  • Copy of HS or College transcripts (most recent academic transcripts from past 2 years)
  • Copy of SAT or ACT scores (if you have been a recipient of the BOJ Scholarship in the past, ACT/SAT scores are not required.  New letters of recommendation are required as well as current transcripts.
  • Personal Statement – “Spina Bifida…how has it impacted me and how will I impact it.”
  • Physician’s Statement of Disability
  • Photo of applicant
  • Date of submission must be postmarked by April 23, 2016 to be considered for scholarship.


  • You live in Texas (permanent residency)
  • You are a HighSchool Graduating Senior or a High School Graduate
  • You have been diagnosed with Spina Bifida or have a Sibling that has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida
  • You have completed the BOJ application and have supplied all the forms and documents requested.
  • You mail your application by deadline date of April 23, 2016